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We Are GIANTS are a three-piece Rock band from Northamptonshire.

The WAG Lads hit the local music scene in January 2016, playing New Years Eve as their debut show in Northampton.

If you like filthy bass lines, ball shattering drum fills and dirty guitar riffs…

The WAG Lads are your guys.


“A three-piece rock band with heavy drums and a shed-load of rock and roll”
What’s On Northampton
“These guys have only been around for just over a year and already showing so much potential”
The King Billy Rock Bar


We Are GIANTS (commonly referred to as ‘The WAG Lads’), formed in late 2015. Originally a 4 piece, punk rock band, they Started their gigging debut On New Years Eve in Northampton.

The months went by, as did a lot of shows but artistic differences came into play and it was decided that the WAG Lads would continue as three.

With gig commitments coming up fast and more shows being offered, the WAG Lads were feeling the pressure. They had to review the whole set, fill all the gaps and write new music in just 2 weeks!

Lee, Rob & Griff had a sit down, discussing the future of the band. Where to go from here, what are the goals and what sound to go for as a three.

They all agreed on 3 points… One, be more technical. Two, go HEAVY & three, write like no other local band.

This was the turning point for We Are GIANTS. They finally found that sound they were looking for… The amps got turned up, the drums got more ball shattering, the bass lines filthier and the vocals more aggressive than ever.

The True We Are GIANTS were born!

First off came their debut EP ‘Root Nine’ in 2016 which was very successful selling out 2 batches.

WAGs 1st EP ‘Root Nine’

The momentum was rolling, gigs, festivals, awards – it was all coming together.

The WAG Lads decided to records a new EP, this time in a new direction. Heavier, more experimental and full of small details to create a Huge product!

‘The Empire’

The Empire Front WAG
The Empire

You can find us on


Root Nine EP

Buy Now £1

The Empire EP

Buy Now £3


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